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If you feel like it's time for new hearing aids, you need to know that we've figured out a great way you can get them at a fraction of the normal cost, with the support of licensed hearing professionals when you need it. 

With online resources for service and local support when you need it- without the high up front fees typical of hearing aids from other providers.

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Great Hearing Aids Chosen for their Ability to Be Fit Remotely.
We program them and set them up to connect to your smartphone. Anytime you need an adjustment, you can simply request it on your phone. No office visit required!
Support from a friendly, licensed professional
Just because you are fitting these hearing aids on yourself doesn't mean we aren't here to help. Our licensed professionals are here to coach you through getting the most out of your instruments by phone and by video chat from your computer or smartphone. We can even adjust your hearing aids from anywhere!
Reliable, Major Brand Instruments
Our instruments are major brand hearing aids that can be programmed by thousands of local providers nationwide. Local service is not included in the prices of our hearing aids (and you might never need it), but finding a local audiologist or hearing aid specialist to program your instruments for a reasonable fee is usually pretty easy. 
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